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Terms of Use


By using TVOTT.MD you become a legally competent user of this project and you consent to the legally binding agreement between you (an individual – hereinafter “User”) on one side and TVOTT.MD (hereinafter TVOTT.MD, we, us, or our) in the name of managing company TVOTT SRL on the other side and its suppliers and licensors for Internet Subscription Services.

Users may only use the services of TVOTT.MD if they are subscribed in good standing, or if they are in the trial period of the services.

By using TVOTT.MD, User agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement.


The receiving, high quality processing, transmission to users, archiving of the television broadcasting base in free access, as well as the overall functioning of the TVOTT.MD television programs block is ensured based on the monthly payments made by the users. Such payment grants the users the personal right of using the premium class services 24 hours a day, with no right of public showing, demonstration, or other commercial use.

The User may not, under any circumstances, distribute access to the site to third parties, or broadcast the offered services or show the content outside your normal circle of family and social acquaintances. The user may not use his/her account for receiving the service concurrently on two or more devices allowing the access to the service. If such use is detected, the next session will be terminated automatically and the User’s account will be blocked until the next login session into the system.


Access to the services is granted to the User upon paying one of the subscriptions.

The subscription fee may be modified unilaterally upon amendment of this Agreement, without affecting the subscription fee already paid.


The User may cancel TVOTT.MD services at any time by using the corresponding function in the Personal Account or by sending us the cancelation request by email to support@tvott.md. You will not receive any refund or partial refund for any charges already billed to your account. In the event you signed up for a minimum commitment period in order to use TVOTT.MD’s services, you will be responsible for all charges for the entire minimum commitment period.


We take chargebacks very seriously because they affect our standing with our merchant processor. As a result, should you break the terms of use and issue an illegal chargeback against us through your credit card company, we will UNDOUBTEDLY seek compensation through an authorized collection agency.

It is important to note that this can have long-lasting effects on your credit score, so we urge you to resolve any conflicts with us directly and be aware of our cancellation and refund policy before you commit to any subscriptions or sponsorships to our websites.


You will create a personal account and a password upon completing the registration process. The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and account and is fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password or account.

The User agrees to:

(a) immediately notify TVOTT.MD of any unauthorized use of his/her password or account or any other breach of security, and

(b) ensure the exit from his/her account at the end of each session if the aceess was from third parties’ computer/device.

Under no circumstances TVOTT.MD will be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this section.


The User agrees to indemnify and holdTVOTT.MDand its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, employees, partners and licensors harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of the User’s actions, or subscription to TVOTT.MD, violation of the TOS, or violation of any rights of another.


The User agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes or any other purposes the offered service and other options granted to Users, as well as his/her right of using the options offered by TVOTT.MD. Any such actions shall be deemed unlawful.


The User agrees not to act so as to tamper deliberately with or affected directly or inderectly the proper functioning and tracking of the Web Site and the related hardware and service backup. Emulating or “faking” usage, as well as any actions or stated intetions that aim, eventually or indirectly, at tampering the service will lead to termination of the User’s account and may lead to legal action against such User.


Personal information you provide to TVOTT.MD is governed by the Privacy Policy.


Our company offers service of maximal quality at minimal prices ona subscription basis and as per the contracted option. This Fair Usage Policy aims at preventing the anomalous and abusive usage of the personal access granted to a small number of users. Our service is designed for personal use under the current terms of usage and this Fair Usage Policy.

The following service usage scenarios shall be deemed as violations of this Policy:

    1. using the service in public areas, save for the local representatives’ showrooms;
    1. passing the personal login to third parties (even under the “family access option);
    1. account sharing (shared usage of one account in several households);
    1. long-lasting binge-viewing with no action on the Users’ side;
    1. anomalous viewing time (e.g. 20 hours a day in the course of two months);

Upon detection of violation, the User may be warned that the current usage of the service is in contravention of the service delivery rules, for specific reasons.

Henceforth, the User’s account may be blocked and the subscription may be canceled, with no further right of accessing the service, or the User may be proposed an alternative solution for the occurred matter.


Any dispute arising from or in connection with this Agreement, including its execution, performance or termination, shall be settled by national courts in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova,

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